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She Suffered Virtually Her Entire Life with Migraine Headaches until She Received Orthospinolgy Care

This nice lady describes how Dr. Kirk Eriksen was able to reduce her neck pain by 95% rather rapidly since the beginning of her upper cervical chiropractic care. Her chronic migraines diminished dramatically and she no longer has to take the cocktail of various medications to deal with the headaches. 

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Dr. Kirk Eriksen

Patient with Severe Migraine Headaches Gets Dramatic Relief from Dr. Kirk Eriksen's Upper Cervical Care

This video shows Dr. Eriksen performing a Grostic hand adjustment. The patient then discusses how her life has been changed by receiving this care. She had been plagued with severe migraine headaches that caused her to be hospitalized and receive shots. Upper cervical care provides her with dramatic relief.

Medical Doctor Describes How Orthospinology Care Helped Her Headaches and other Health Issues

This medical physician discusses how upper cervical chiropractic care dramatically helped her frequent headaches. She even discusses a possible correlation between her cardiovascular function and Orthospinology care. This video shows Dr. Eriksen adjusting her with Torque Specific Instrument.

Patient with Multiple Sclerosis-like Symptoms Travels to Alabama from Switzerland for Orthospinology Care

This patient describes the care her sister received from Dr. Eriksen after travelling from her home in Switzerland. She had many symptoms related to what her medical doctors thought was MS, which caused her to be in a wheel chair. Her response to care was quick and amazing, and enabled her to be able to walk with a cane and improved many other symptoms.

Rapid Heart Rate and High Blood Pressure Reduced after

Orthospinology Adjustment

This patient describes how her cardiovascular system appears to respond after receiving an upper cervical adjustment from Dr. Eriksen. She mentions how her medical doctor recommends chiropractic care, and even shows the dramatic before and after readings on her blood pressure machine.

Cessation of Severe Vertigo after Only  One Orthospinology Adjustment

This sweet lady suffered debilitating bouts of vertigo that would cause her to be bedridden for days. Her dramatic and rapid results from Chiropractic care have been long-lasting as she has needed an Orthospinology adjustment an average of less than twice per year for over eight years of care. 

Extreme Insomnia Responds after Only  Two Orthospinology Adjustments

This college student slept an average of only two to seven hours per week for about two years prior to seeing Dr. Eriksen. She had been previously evaluated and treated medically without success. After getting her upper cervical spine corrected she was able to sleep about eight hours per night after a few visits. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia Sufferer Recounts Her Amazing Recovery after a Series

of Orthospinology Adjustments

This nurse was tortured with horrible pain for years, with her treatment including a cocktail of powerful pharmaceutical drugs and a Microvascular Decompression Craniotomy. She continued to get worse to the point that she contemplated suicide. Fortunately she was referred to Dr. Eriksen for treatment and her life was returned to normal.

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