Dr. Kirk Eriksen

'On Purpose' Interview with

Dr. Gentempo & Dr. Kent

Interview with

Dr. Paul Hambrick

Good Nutrition and Supplementation

1994 Ann Varnum Show

Chiropractic Care and Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic & High Blood Pressure

Health Tips for the New Year

Awarded Researcher of the Year

Five Aspects of Healthy Living

Quitting Smoking and Osteoporosis

The Upper Cervical Subluxation

Taking Care of Children's Spines

Evaluation & Treatment of Scoliosis 

Treatment of Spinal Disc Problems 

Coaching and Playing Football

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Juice Plus

Protecting Children While Traveling

Wellness and Spinal Health

Pain Relief with the Grostic Procedure

Ann varnum show

The following are various TV appearances where Dr. Eriksen has been featured in the media

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Spinal Trauma on the Legal View

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Eriksen Chiropractic Center on news

Dr. Kirk Eriksen

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